DIY Captain America Star Shield Shirt

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If you belong to Team Cap, you definitely need this Captain America Star Shield Shirt Design!

Captain America Star Shield Shirt - Celebrate your love for Captain America with this Patriotic Cap Shield Shirt that is also perfect for 4th of July! | The Love Nerds

Hi, Nerds! Who else is excited for Captain America: Civil War to come out today?!! If you don’t follow along here, we are big Captain America fans … well, big Marvel fans all together … well, really just big comic book fans. We love them all, which makes the fight brewing in tonights movie all the more difficult. I know I can’t be the only one that got all misty eyed in the preview when Tony sadly says, “So was I” meaning Cap’s friend. Saddest break up of the year for sure!

Unfortunately, we did not see it last night like we normally do. We love the energy and excitement that comes with a first night release and even more so a midnight release, but Bryan got stuck on all this weekend. We don’t be headed to the theater until Sunday (no spoilers, please!) so instead I challenged my excitement toward making this fun Captain America Star Shield Shirt!

Captain America Star Shield Shirt - Celebrate your love for Captain America with this Patriotic Cap Shield Shirt that is also perfect for 4th of July! | The Love NerdsI am so excited about this Star Shield Design. It was one of those designs that sounded like a good idea, but could have easily turned out poorly. Thank goodness it didn’t! What I love most about this design is how perfectly it works to celebrate a love of Captain America, but it is totally patriotic and works as a Memorial Day and 4th of July shirt, too.



1. Cut out your design onto the Freezer Paper.When using my Silhouette, the matte side of the freezer paper must face down onto your mat (otherwise the shiny side would slip around).

Keep in mind that you will be ironing on the design shiny side down onto the fabric. If you use a different design in the future that’s not symmetrical, you will need to mirror the design. For this design, you are good to go!

2. Remove the access of the design and iron the freezer paper stencil onto the fabric shiny side down. Make sure the iron is set to no steam.

3. Put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt and then use a paint sponge to apply fabric paint onto the shirt. If you want a faded or uneven look, use less paint at times. If you want it thoroughly filled in, make sure to use enough paint evenly throughout the entire design to coat.

4. Let the paint dry for at least an hour and then peel off the stencil. At the time, you might want to do a couple small touch ups with a paint brush but those are pretty minimal.


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