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7 Tips to Make Shopping at Farmers Markets Enjoyable

7 Tips to Make Shopping at Farmers Markets Enjoyable - The perfect summer outing that also provides you with amazing produce at great prices! #ad #NestleSplashOfFun

Make Shopping at Farmers Markets More Enjoyable with these Easy Tips! Shopping at Farmers Markets on a gorgeous summer morning is one of my favorite things to do! It is a great excuse to get outside in the morning and get some walking in right away, I find great produce at good prices while enjoying the great outdoors,…

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Fresh Peach Crisp - Homemade Peach Crisp is not hard! This easy recipe will deliver a delicious peach dessert your whole family will love! | The Love Nerds

Fresh Peach Crisp

A Fresh Peach Crisp that will impress your guests without taking you hours in the kitchen! I love a good fresh peach! It ranks pretty high on my list of favorite fruits, which is why I was surprised when I realized I have almost no peach recipes on this blog. Just two in fact –…

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Take Time for Summer Fun - Don't let summer end without getting outside to unplug, reconnect, and enjoy the sun! | The Love Nerds #ad #NestleSplashOfFun

Take Time for Summer Fun

We all need to take time for summer fun! It suddenly dawned on me that it’s August! How did we get here so fast? There were so many wonderful things I was looking forward to for summer and yet it somehow has slipped through our fingers a bit more than I wanted. We’ve been so…

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Superhero Nursery Decor FEATURE2

Superhero Nursery Inspiration

When deciding how to decorate the nursery for Liam, there was one thing that was clear; it would be nerdy! We were debating between Star Wars, Harry Potter and superheroes. It was a tough choice that inevitably leaned toward superheroes because it felt like it covered both of us equally where Star Wars is a…

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