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Creamy Ranch Jalapeno Dip

Creamy Ranch Jalapeno Dip - A fresh and tasty chip dip that is the perfect summer recipe. It also makes a great addiction to tacos and white enchiladas! | The Love Nerds

Fresh and tasty Creamy Ranch Jalapeno Dip – the perfect summer chip dip! Yesterday, I shared our favorite way to spend a night with our friends – a Chip Dip Game Night!! Bryan and I have always loved spending hours playing games together, and we are lucky enough to have friends with similar interests. In the…

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Get together with your friends for a fun and easy Chip Dip Game Night! Perfect for both small and larger group gatherings. | The Love Nerds #ad #gathernow

Chip Dip Game Night with Friends

Bryan and I have a small group of friends – us and two other couples – that we consider family. The boys and I were all friends in college, so when we moved to the Chicago area after graduation, we stayed connected. We experienced moving back home with the parents together as well as first apartments,…

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Captain America Star Shield Shirt - Celebrate your love for Captain America with this Patriotic Cap Shield Shirt that is also perfect for 4th of July! | The Love Nerds

DIY Captain America Star Shield Shirt

If you belong to Team Cap, you definitely need this Captain America Star Shield Shirt Design! Hi, Nerds! Who else is excited for Captain America: Civil War to come out today?!! If you don’t follow along here, we are big Captain America fans … well, big Marvel fans all together … well, really just big…

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Two amazing sausage recipes - Veggie Sausage Dip and Sausage Smashed Burger Recipe! | The Love Nerds #ad #JDFAMILYTABLE

Sausage – It’s Not Just for Breakfast!

Two amazing sausage recipes for you in one blog post! I grew up loving Jimmy Dean® Roll Sausage as a part of breakfast recipes and added to appetizers! It’s savory blend of seasonings makes it a perfect addition to casseroles and dips because the flavor always stands out. So today, I am sharing one of my…

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