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Actively Become More Grateful

Steps to Actively Become More Grateful - Live a happier, more present life by practicing a few steps every day to be more thankful! | The Love Nerds #Ad #Swayis5

Steps to help you actively become more grateful!!! If you follow along regularly with us here, you know that we have been experiencing a season of grief. My mom passed away in March from Pancreatic Cancer, and I took a step back from blogging and social media. Mostly because I needed a break and time to…

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Looking for books to add to your Summer Reading List? I'm sharing 16 books I've added to my 2016 Summer Book List with a mix of romance, YA Lit, mysteries, and more! | The Love Nerds

2016 Summer Reading List

Looking for books to add to your Summer Reading List? Here are 16 books that I’ve added to my 2016 Summer Book List. You will find a mix of romance, YA Lit, mysteries, and more! One thing I have gotten away from this spring is reading, and I miss it terribly. The most “reading” I have…

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Simple Ideas for Throwing a Gorgeous Outdoor Dinner Party | The Love Nerds #ad #EnbrightenLife @jascoproducts

Throw a Fabulous Outdoor Dinner Party

Simple Tips and Ideas for Throwing Your Next Outdoor Dinner Party We are now approaching my favorite time of year – summer! I love spending long nights outside with friends in the summer, enjoying the warm breezes and stars. It is my happy place! So of course I am already starting to plan fun summer parties,…

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Creamy Ranch Jalapeno Dip - A fresh and tasty chip dip that is the perfect summer recipe. It also makes a great addiction to tacos and white enchiladas! | The Love Nerds

Creamy Ranch Jalapeno Dip

Fresh and tasty Creamy Ranch Jalapeno Dip – the perfect summer chip dip! Yesterday, I shared our favorite way to spend a night with our friends – a Chip Dip Game Night!! Bryan and I have always loved spending hours playing games together, and we are lucky enough to have friends with similar interests. In the…

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Get together with your friends for a fun and easy Chip Dip Game Night! Perfect for both small and larger group gatherings. | The Love Nerds #ad #gathernow

Chip Dip Game Night with Friends

Bryan and I have a small group of friends – us and two other couples – that we consider family. The boys and I were all friends in college, so when we moved to the Chicago area after graduation, we stayed connected. We experienced moving back home with the parents together as well as first apartments,…

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